Herb Planters


Its great to have fresh herbs and even better to have a herb planter that adds style to your herb garden. A herb planter indoors is always handy and Garden Beet has a range of contemporary herb planters suitable for indoor gardening. We stock an eco herb planter that is made from recycled plastic bottles. This herb planter, Woolly Wally Pockets, can also be hung on the walls, indoors (and of course on the garden wall). A space saving herb planter for the kitchen wall! And these garden accessories look chic as well. We also stock herb planters that are great on the patio or outside in a small or large garden. Just follow the herb planter pictures above.

Wally Pocket Five
Wally Pocket Five $180.00
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Wally Pocket One
Wally Pocket One $50.00
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Wally Pocket Three
Wally Pocket Three $63.33
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