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Garden Beet's Customer Service Feedback for May 2011

 All questionnaires are held on file and can be supplied upon request.


 ‘…excellent’                 'Very good’             ‘Excellent’      

2/5/11 - London       23/5/11 - London       21/5/11 - London      


‘Very good as the item wasn't in stock when I ordered it - for a last-minute present, but Garden Beet contacted the supplier immediately and it was sent straight away from the supplier. The recipient got the present on his birthday!’ 21/5/11 - Colchester - UK



'easy to use [website] and good communication' 21/5/11 - Preston - UK



'Good communication from Garden Beet, I was told there would be a short delay and in fact it was very short. excellent'  

21/5/11 - Northhampton - UK


'good high quality products 21/5/11 - Harlow - UK                      






Garden Beet's Product Satisfaction Survey for May 2011

All questionnaires are held on file and can be supplied upon request.

Cockeral -  1 review

review cockeral    Recommend:  Yes  ‘It's a fun item to have in a large garden’

 21/5/11 - Colchester  - UK



Easiwall -  1 review

   easiwall review Recommend:  Maybe   - good idea but expensive and hard to fix to wall   20/5/11 - UK




review sunburst Suburst Wall Art -  1 review

Recommend:  Yes  1

 'Good quality at reasonable prices' 21/5/11 Preston, UK


Vertiplant/Salad and Herb Vertical Planter  - 5 reviews

product review    Recommend  Yes  4  No 1

Yes- 'Good value for money. Easy to mount on the wall (no screws  provided though) Could have done with some instructions on planting if you hadn't done a vertical before i.e. should you fill the pockets? how to stop earth spilling out when you water, recommended plants etc'  

22/5/11 - UK 

NO - 'Strawberries have grown ok in them but everything else struggles and they are very difficult to water as soil runs out of the small pockets'21/5/11 London UK

Yes - 'the results speak for themselves... It is a little tricky to water without the water running out of the bags, but it's a minor issue' 21/5/11 Copenhagen, Denmark

Yes - 'They look good, and exactly what I wanted for plants hanging on a small wall. Easily hung on wall with screws, and unlike other holder I have had in the past they do not rust!!' 21/5/11 Northhapton, UK

Yes- 'they look good and are both decorative and useful' 21/5/11 Coventry, UK


Woolly Pockets  -  3 reviews

wally review    Recommend:    

Yes - Easy to fit, holds 4 runner bean plants, easy to water plants  growing well    21/5/11 - Bedford -  UK

Yes- Different way in which to hang plants'   23/5/11 - London - UK

Yes - 'Definitely [recommend] friendly, high quality, original, functional 21/5/11 Harlow UK