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Energy Resources  If you are thinking about making your home more energy efficient by installing a windmill, solar panel or maybe a groundsource heat pump you may be eligible for Energy Efficiency Grants. EnergyLink Ltd arrange Government grants and Feed In Tariffs for Home Insulation, Solar Power (PV and Thermal), Heat Pumps, Wind Turbines and more, across the UK.

Stop using that electric clothes drier and install a Hills Hoist. Do you live in the Scottish highlands or an area where vandalism is rife? Well if you answered yes you need a Hills Hoist Airer. The Laundry Company sell these heavy duty clothes airer’s and “Once fitted – those buggers ain’t going anywhere.









For those who love debating till the cows come home check out Thinking Gardens - as an Australian I find this whole debate very absorbing - the English are currently experiencing cultural cringe - at least where garden design is concerned -  

If you are a purveyor of environmentally friendly stationery here is a design company for you, reecovid. They design and hand finish recycled stationery products. The products look good too! 

Nurseries Pomona Fruits - Garden Fruit specialists offering a comprehensive range of quality fruit trees, cane, vine and bush fruits for the home gardener by mail order.

Urban Jungle 5 miles from Norwich, a beautiful nursery will excite and inspire you. No ordinary garden centre, they offer expert advice, customer service and a unique plant buying experience.

Landscape Designers who are ready to help

Alan Capeling Landscape & Garden Design Landscape and Garden Design services to Leicester, Nottingham and across the Midlands

Francoise Murat - interiors and landscape design with an emphasis on the client. Her firm understands the sensitivities of historical buildings and landscapes whilst engaging a contemporary design approach.  

Kent Landscape Studio - landscape design  for all those gardens in the Kent area of the UK.

Internet information  

Website Reviews - check out what people are saying about your on-line web address. And if they are saying nothing best request a review - its free.


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