Magnetic wall planters by Metallicus

I just wanted to pay homage to the designers of the magnetic wall planter – Metallicus. Sorry for the incorrect credit on previous post. Here it is again.

wall plantersMetallicus create a variety of metal garden accessories, many bespoke. The planters above are attached to the metal wall via magnets. Its  a very nifty idea whereby the magnetic planters can be moved around to create a variety of patterns. Plants and their containers are placed into the red cubes. The cubes act as a water catcher and are yet another variation on the green wall concept.

Following on from discussion b/w the ediblegardener in the comment section below

Here is a cheaper and more make shift way of creating the above with an Ikea magnetic notice board and its little black boxes. Of course the Ikea version could never carry the weight of a mature plant (and its soil) however may be an idea for cut flowers? Also the Ikea board is not designed for outside use. Really there are major design issues with the Ikea solution.

If I was about to build a garden I  would be investigating installing a magnetic wall outside to hold Metallicus’ planters. Also it becomes another interesting playspace for children – down low the letters of the alphabet and for me above (hang tools etc).  Metallicus have also designed cushions with magnetics for outdoor furniture – i really like the idea of using magnets outside. It opens up many possibilities.

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  • Alex

    Nice idea. If the magnets are strong enough to keep the pots on the wall, how can you move them around though? And I guess you’d need to buy the metal wall too…

  • Garden Beet

    yes there is probably some tug of war between the magnetic board and the gardener…i asked the designer about this issue and she did not think it was too much of a problem …hopefully she will respond?

    and yes you need to buy the wall however if you are building say a magentic wall into your renovation I am sure metallicus would supply just the containers…….

    in its current form the product is approx. £800 – so its not really for the domestic market….they have been mainly used on corporate jobs

    …that being said you could do a makeshift version using the Ikea magnetic wall holders – of course plants would be teenny weeny….i have one in my kitchen…hang on …look for next post