Clear plant labels help when designing a garden.

This blog is about plant labels.

Went to a plant nursery in London today (The Palm Centre).  My plant knowledge always needs improvement and I will take any help given.

I give these guys my best plant label award to date. All the information I needed was on each pot. Full Latin plant name – in big readable print. Size of container was listed, size of plant  and a quick summary of the plant.

This may not be exciting design stuff but its all part of the design process. I need this info to specify plants and usually these vital statistics are often excluded and/or hidden within text that is font size 4.

These plant labels made my life easier today.


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  • Jordan

    Too bad their spelling is so atrocious. They’ve got Alchemilla (in big readable print) repellent & mercury wrong. At least they got Alchemilla right in the smaller print. But I rather doubt they’d appreciate having that pointed out.

  • Felicity Waters

    right – well thanks for that Jordan!! Just better make sure I use the correct spelling!!

  • Lisa

    Funny – I thought you meant transparent labels!

    • Garden Beet

      ha – this blog is getting complicated

  • Katrina

    The Palm centre is a great nursery and nice to have some broad knowledge on the labels – I guess this is the difference between a public and wholesale nursery and a nursery that is purely wholesale.

  • Noe

    Seriously? When I saw the photos I thought this was going to be a complaint about POOR labels. In addition to misspelling the name of the plant and several other words, they don’t give information about the final height/width of the plant, what climate or soil conditions it needs, bloom time, etc. This might actually be the WORST plant label I’ve seen.

  • Garden Beet

    right ….OK …point taken…..