If vertical gardens make dense living attractive does it matter if water consumption is reduced or increased?

This post is in response to the article on Vertical Gardens in the LA times written by Emily Green.  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/home_blog/2010/08/vertical-gardens-skeptic.html

and on the writers blog  http://bit.ly/9oJMWa.

Have you heard of the need to reduce food miles? Grow food closer to home? Are vertical gardens really using more water than a large sprawling suburbia where everyone plants into the ground?

Surely one of the best ways to reduce our impact on earth is to consolidate urban sprawl.

Dense living may sound horrible to those who like their open space but if its well designed medium density living can be great.

This is where a vertical garden strength comes into play.It allows for efficient use of space. It also allows gritty industrial sites to be ‘greened’ without the need to treat contaminated soil.

A vertical garden may use more water than a veg garden on the ground but it allows people to live in a more space efficient way. Can you be sure that in the long term your traditional ground plane vegy patch is the best way forward?

Lots of people have agreed with you but I feel they have not been given the complete energy consumption story.

Emily felt this last comment did not justify Woolly Pockets being considered a good design. And went on in her blog to say

‘So what? That does not make recycled plastic wall hangings the only alternative, or even a good one.’

Now this comment was just asking for a response surely? mmm no response to vertical gardens providing less water than the traditional horizontal planting bed  overall…maybe I am right?

OK so now we are down to the argument as to whether Woolly Pocket is a good product.

Emily – you do not like the product – fair enough – perhaps you should be fair to the designers and assess the product in its current design

your assessment has been made on the first protype (as shown in your photo)

surely a good journalist would interview the designer to get the most current up-to-date information?

anway, over and out and look forward to post 5 years when a proper assessment can be made

And guess what her response was? I offended her – but its perfectally fine for her to lay abuse into a designers product without all the up-to-date product information.

> I have deleted your last comment because of the cheapness of the  remark
> and you had made your points exhaustively. It was an opinion  piece and it
> was plain from the outset who I spoke to and didn’t. The  photo was taken
> last month. I’m sorry that you took offense. My  advice would be for you
> to construct your own argument rather than  mine my site with insults.

Oh dear Emily has now completely deleted my comments. Damn.  Its very annoying to be deleted. Fair enough its her blog but such a shame – we could have actually had a proper debate about this issue.

Now, interesting she choose to focus on my childish comments rather than rebut my arguments.  I am sorry. Come on, Emily. Speak to me.

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