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recycled decking with 3 olives

Good decking design. Its worth the spend – a garden art investment.

        Images supplied by Templeman Harrison London Garden Design   Garden Beet adores decking. When designed and constructed well it can bring everyday joy and can become a piece of art for the garden . If you are undergoing a garden redesign and would like a deck we recommend allocating a decent […]

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Decking, Planter Pots and Europe. Controlling the Car with Parklets.

  The Europeans know how to tame the impact of cars on their villages. Above are photos of different urban squares in Sicily.   The first image shows a piazza being used as a car park. The second and third image illustrate the use of these public spaces as a place for the pedestrian rather than the car. Timber […]

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Site Office decking jumps from the backdoor to Melbourne’s Foreshore in St.Kilda, Australia – and wins a Landscape Architectural Award – 2009

Timber decking is sublime. It’s edges do need to be beautifully finished and the lines exactly parallel. It is such a soft material and the Australian Sun warms it well. Here in London Town there is less of an obsession with timber decking than you tend to find in Melbourne. Perhaps its the climate but there is […]

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