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Shade accessories for the garden give solar energy to the eco gift market

When adding shade accessories to your garden this summer consider giving you and your home an eco gift by capturing some solar rays and transferring it into energy. Solar cells now come in wafer thin sheets and can be applied to membranes used for shade sails or umbrellas.  Every shade structure is now a potential solar farm. […]

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garden wall art spider in blue

Garden spider art is not welcome indoors on any walls – thank goodness for Luxebugaway a true eco gift

This is garden wall art but sometimes these garden ornaments are REAL and come inside the home and are far from decorative. What does one do when faced with a big hairy spider? I strive  to leave them well alone and try to uphold the belief that we can all live happily together.  After all […]

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giving a garden gift

Share love ideas that promote eco garden gifts. Snippets from Urban Gardens and Green Fudge

Gift 1 Just found a great way of giving a friend a growing garden gift on Green Fudge. Its a stylish planter that allows you to grow seedlings and then simply pull apart once the seedling has grown to a  couple of inches. The product is called Osusuwake (means sharing in Japanese) by designers Kenma. The […]

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