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front garden with child

Front gardens are active play spaces

A family actively using the front garden rather than allowing it to become yet another space for plants animals and other critters . I asked the owner was there enough space in the back garden for the trampoline and she replied ‘oh yes but we wanted to make use of the back and the front’ […]

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a contemporary garden design

London Garden Design and Build: Garden Rooms by Earth Designs

  The Drawing Room Garden     This small walled garden has sound, attractive sandstone paving throughout.  However, due to lack of planting the space has a school yard/car park feel to it and is walled on three sides.  Although the garden is east facing it does get quite a lot of sun and is […]

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recycled decking with 3 olives

Good decking design. Its worth the spend – a garden art investment.

        Images supplied by Templeman Harrison London Garden Design   Garden Beet adores decking. When designed and constructed well it can bring everyday joy and can become a piece of art for the garden . If you are undergoing a garden redesign and would like a deck we recommend allocating a decent […]

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red picnic table

Garden Design Idea: Mix it up. Period Lamp Posts in a Vertical Garden.

      I think most designers would probably seek inspiration from far and wide. Whilst Garden Beet has a focus on the contemporary we certainly enjoy stepping outside our ‘normal’ visual field. We enjoy a dib and dab in the retro, vintage, etc. We certainly enjoy mixing context (ie outdoor tables painted high polish […]

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vertical front plantings

A front garden full of vertical gardens, recycling and community.

  The Bin Bar Garden came about because my front garden was doing what most front gardens do – nothing much. Also my rubbish bins were taking up too much space in the back garden PLUS I could not believe that my streeetscape had not been given a major overhaul in the last 10 years […]

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Did someone forget to water? Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2011. Warning I was at Chelsea last year.

I so can not help comparing Chelsea 2010 with Melbs Garden Show 2011 . Here it goes. Comparison one: there was a fab little idea for wall planters tucked in a corner of a Melbourne show garden and the plants (strawberries) were drooping with thirst. Its only Day 2 in Melbourne   – Chelsea plants […]

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So you want something designed? always look at previous experience

Garden Beet has re-learnt a very very old lesson. If you are going to engage a designer or anyone for that matter- always always do your homework on the professional’s BUILT experience. It is so god damn easy for people to say ‘YES’ i can do that. People do that don’t they? You can do […]

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Garden Centres and Advertising. Girly shots, advertising and moulds

Oh its christmas and all I can think about are glorious garden images. Frolicking through the webimages available at istock and various other image stores around cyber world I stumbled across this image. Girls are always used to sell stuff. But not gardening stuff. Gardening corporates usually steer clear of the girly phenomna and go […]

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Floral and Hardy Garden Design Reveal The Top 10 Easy to Grow Herbal Remedy Plants.

As summer officially ends, cold and flu season approaches, why not try remedies grown by you instead of venturing to the chemist for expensive medicines. This guide from Floral and Hardy Garden Design will show you how by presenting 10 easy to grow plants that can be used for traditional home remedies. So not only […]

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green wall

100% Design. Vertical Gardens Living Walls: the next generation are framed. Du Pont Corian 3D Math Series.

Photo Credits: At 100% Design at InsideOut by KWI&POM, DuPont and Biotecture launched a stunning new solution for living walls using the 3D Math collection of decorative panels made from DuPont™ Corian®  hi tech surfaces. Photo by Jon Tonkin for DuPont and KIWI&POM Natural gardening types sometimes argue that growing gardens vertically is a fad, its […]

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