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Garden gifts with a fuzzy felt kinda attitude land. Tina welcome, shame you missed Prince Charles’ Garden Party

Garden Beet is waiting, waiting, waiting for its next shipment of Woolly Pocket wonders. Tina the garden gift of the season will be available in the UK very very soon. She is petite, cute and may be angling for a high profile position in Prince Charle’s eco green gift list. She did not make it […]

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garden art thistle

Paper weights with flowers inside. Cool garden gifts self induced product placement

Upon a visit to Kew Gardens I saw an entire shelf of paperweights with thistles inside the garden gifts section of the Kew Garden Shop. Have paperweights crossed the boarder of ‘cheesey’ to ‘cool’? The paperweights above have been made by the same family for over 30 years and the company is called Haford Grange.  According […]

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giving a garden gift

Share love ideas that promote eco garden gifts. Snippets from Urban Gardens and Green Fudge

Gift 1 Just found a great way of giving a friend a growing garden gift on Green Fudge. Its a stylish planter that allows you to grow seedlings and then simply pull apart once the seedling has grown to a  couple of inches. The product is called Osusuwake (means sharing in Japanese) by designers Kenma. The […]

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Woolly Pocket Wall Planter

Envionmentally Friendly Christmas Gift for the Eco Savvy Consumer and Gardeners alike- Woolly Wally Pockets Vertical Garden System

Woolly Wally Pockets, the great vertical garden system, are available in the UK through Garden Beet offering an alternative environmentally friendly Christmas gift idea for the eco savvy consumer and gardeners alike. Made of recycled plastic bottles, the vertical garden pockets allow plants to be grown all year round, inside or outside, on walls or […]

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Garden accessories are no longer frumpy wall-flowers. Garden Beet has Eco and Chic.

Get off the floor, get onto the key board and take a big gigantic peek at our long smooth range of eco chic (ed) garden accessories and eco gifts.We are sick of interiors having all the fun. www.gardenbeet.com     SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN FOR INCLUSION ON THIS DESIGN BLOG TO ask@gardenbeet.com  

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gifts landscape architectural unique

if you are looking for a gift for someone who is into design, architecture, garden design take a peek at www.gardenbeet.com  

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