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garden and house by artist

Landscape patterns created by suburban development. Keep the buildings, forget the gardens

When viewed as a whole the suburban landscape creates a fabulous pattern – the never ending front lawn surrounded by a herbaceous boarder, the single storey triple fronted brick veneer (or bungalow for UK readers), garden accessories and so on. The pattern is created by the entire landscape. Its not just the house. Its the house in its garden […]

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leaf walkers on richmond bridge london

Seasonal Leaves (a garden accessory on Richmond Bridge), Australian culture and William Blake.

Gosh these guys looked great walking up Richmond bridge this afternoon – each wearing a beautiful set of seasonal coloured plane leaves……these walkers were accessorised  (the picture is not a great one, sorry). As an aussie living in the UK I am constantly in awe of the seasons – and I realise that most UK locals believe […]

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