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patio planters

Haxnicks my tomato patio planters are not red.

MAY 2009 April 2010 The Haxnicks Patio Planters are fantastic and are being used by Garden Beet’s next door neighbour again this year. However we think the red tomato patio planter has a longevity issue? The blue is fine and looks great – but the red looks ghastly after its exposure to the sun. Slight design […]

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Indoor planter with soft sides in black

Design of soft sided planters and indoor gardening. Woolly Pocket and Ambient.

Recently Woolly Pocket Gardening Company in the US released more soft sided planters onto the market. These planters have little zips  to provide planting flexibility. Woolly Pocket’s complete range are designed to allow a plant to grow, live and breath in these soft sided pockets. The design of the contemporary planter is all about ensuring […]

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hanging planter with woman

New planting bag ideas – off the wall and into handbags

More planter bag ideas – this is a tad off the wall but i like its texture and the idea-  hand made from recycled plastic bags. Its not a waterproof design but it is intended for indoors so its position needs to be well considered. It comes from the following etsy store . Planters are […]

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Container Planting – new trends?

There appears to be a trend to place a plant in a container other than a plant pot or maybe its redefining ‘What is  a plant pot?’ – this has probably happened before in gardening history but I am going to be on the hunt for 2009/10 examples and submit to Nat’s Hot spotting blog……Data collection can […]

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