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Pour les Alpes design contemporary crevis planters with timber crystals

Garden Beet is experiencing its ‘Visual Excitment Flashing Light’. The designers of the Crystal Collection,  Pour les Alpes, have taken a chink out of the wilderness, reformatted the geology and then inserted it into a new context: the urban enviornment. Voila. An exfoliated beauty. Comment should also be made on the rich planting  shown in […]

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A copper snail proof fence for Jane’s raised planter bed – will it work?

Last year my vegetable growing next door neighbour (Jane) was able to get her hands on a roll of copper. The copper was used to create a snail proof fence – (snails hate copper) – but the slimy creatures were able to jump the fence via blades of long grass. The fence circled the planting […]

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An awful brown beautiful garden planter pot with trellis by Arik Levy

s Why is this planter pot held in high esteem by Icon Magazine? It does nothing much for this plant except upset its form. I wonder why a climber was not used for the photo shoot – it all looks rather grim to me. Terrible poo brown colour. Those ball balls need to be disguised […]

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hanging planter with woman

New planting bag ideas – off the wall and into handbags

More planter bag ideas – this is a tad off the wall but i like its texture and the idea-  hand made from recycled plastic bags. Its not a waterproof design but it is intended for indoors so its position needs to be well considered. It comes from the following etsy store . Planters are […]

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And you thought you did not need another handbag or hanging basket ever again

The hanging planter has morphed into a handbag named Vagabond from the Woolly Pocket Garden Company. This plant filled handbag likes to go for walks. Check out Garden Beet’s blog for further details on the new garden and fashion accessories. Great for those who enjoy indoor gardening with a 70’s feel. Meanwhile the Morrocco  hanging […]

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Garden accessories to style your Christmas? Accessorise Christmas with Garden Beet’s Top 10 Garden Gifts.

At Garden Beet, garden accessories are now busy realigning themselves to provide Christmas cheer for next month. In this post I am going to review the first garden accessory we recommend to style your Christmas. Please note these reviews are in no particular order. NUMBER ONE  is a  contemporary hanging basket, called Morocco. This basket is usually a pot plant […]

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