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Vertical Vegetable Garden Kit: Best and Worst

  This article is designed to assist the DIY vertical gardener choose the best product for growing vegetables on an outdoor wall (this type of planting bed is referred to as a ‘living wall’ or ‘vertical garden’). Garden Beet has been trialling vertical garden products for over four years. We keep researching new products and […]

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wally pocket three vertical garden

Vertical Vegetable Garden Design: Recommend products and the avoid List.

This article is designed to assist the DIY vertical gardener choose the best product for growing vegetables on a wall (living wall). We have been reading what people have been saying in the gardening forums and we think its time someone questioned the wisdom behind ‘cheap vertical garden solutions are best’. Vertical gardening can be […]

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woolly pocket

Screaming rigid plastic – a living wall planter by Woolly Pocket

  Photo: inhabitat   The new living wall planter  from Woolly Pocket has been unveiled in the USA. I keep thinking ‘Do I really want an object in my living room  that screams ‘plastic container’ on my wall?’ I suppose minigarden is glaringly plastic  – and that is a favourite amongst Garden Beet customers – […]

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a cheap way of building a living wall

A cheap vertical garden idea – edge your climber

This vertical garden is primarily made from ficus creeper. Its not a new generation living wall (ie made up of plants that do not normally creep up a wall such as ferns, grasses etc)  but it certainly tricked me. The sharp edges of the creeper gave the appearance that it was a vertical garden made […]

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A super plant for a vertical garden. Trailing lotus – great wall of living silver

Its a rare day when I buy plants at the supermarket but I made an allowance as these plants were in perfect condition for an instant vertical garden . The trails were well over 2 metres and in full red-pea flower.   For $60 aus I picked up three Trailing Lotus’ Lotus berthelotii at Woolworths […]

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garden art wall

The green stuff is creating wall art for the garden.

      Images: David Hobson http://mistlefield.blogspot.com/ Here are another crop of images that show things are happening  on fences, walls and anywhere else that goes up and down. Vertical gardens  can create extreme beauty. Am loving the pinks and greens of the first image.  Thanks for letting us have a peek at your fab […]

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living wall art frame

Vertical gardens in China – full of colour

  Images by Janoel Liddy Here is a vertical garden along the bund in Shanghai China. The flowers are a great colour lift for the highly polluted city (photographer did not see the sun for 4 weeks due to the pollution haze – jeeps!) . The big round dishes are lights. Below is a shot […]

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Cheap Vertical Garden Planter. Buy A Hooded Vent.

    Here is my new system to build a vertical garden – it is my next project. Please excuse the messy planting – this is concept stage only. I think the galvansied steel conventional hooded vents might be a cheap solution (approx £3.99UK or $4.00 Aus) to creating wall planters (and even a vertical […]

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green wall

100% Design. Vertical Gardens Living Walls: the next generation are framed. Du Pont Corian 3D Math Series.

Photo Credits: At 100% Design at InsideOut by KWI&POM, DuPont and Biotecture launched a stunning new solution for living walls using the 3D Math collection of decorative panels made from DuPont™ Corian®  hi tech surfaces. Photo by Jon Tonkin for DuPont and KIWI&POM Natural gardening types sometimes argue that growing gardens vertically is a fad, its […]

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Glee Garden Trade Show 2010. Product Type: Vertical Garden Living Wall planter. Woolly Pocket / Burgon Ball

UK manufacturers have finally caught up with the vertical garden, green wall and living walls trend. Today in far flung corners of the Glee Trade fair are two wall planters that make growing plants on most walls a reality. Burgon and Ball  have just released onto the market a neat little fabric wall planter. Meanwhile the US […]

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