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NEW PRODUCT Vertical Greenwall Blanket in Australia by Jamie Durie.

  Australia needs an affordable soft sided vertical garden product that works. Why? Because rigid vertical garden planters are a pain in the neck to install and Australia fails to offer a soft sided solution that is affordable. Woolly Pocket  outshines all the other soft sided wall planters Garden Beet reviews.  As discussed in the […]

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curtain of monkeys

Plants & containers as one gesture. Living wall ideas at Grand Designs Melbourne

  Grand Designs in Melbourne Australia is featuring some pretty fabulous plant inspired products this year. Many of them related to the living wall trend. The sculptural ‘Barrel of Monkey’ planters shown above is beautiful. The designer (Adam Cornish) has integrated the structure of the plant with the form of its container. Rather than trying […]

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Woolly Pockets. Plants thrive at BBC Gardeners’ World living walls.

  The Only Way Is Up! Visitors to this year’s BBC Gardeners World at the NEC cannot fail to be impressed by the wall of wonder that is on display outside the floral marquee. By using Woolly Pockets, supplied by Garden Beet, the Gardeners World Living Wall demonstrates just how fun and versatile vertical gardening […]

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vertical planter

Not a New Idea. Check out faux Vertical Gardens

    Vertical gardens are claimed by some to be a new planting trend. I suppose it all depends on your exposure to garden design.  But Garden Beet is beginning to think that… maybe ….the vertical garden genre is a fairly well understood design concept. Today I saw faux living walls in a discount supermarket. Yes the plants above are […]

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red picnic table

Garden Design Idea: Mix it up. Period Lamp Posts in a Vertical Garden.

      I think most designers would probably seek inspiration from far and wide. Whilst Garden Beet has a focus on the contemporary we certainly enjoy stepping outside our ‘normal’ visual field. We enjoy a dib and dab in the retro, vintage, etc. We certainly enjoy mixing context (ie outdoor tables painted high polish […]

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vertical front plantings

A front garden full of vertical gardens, recycling and community.

  The Bin Bar Garden came about because my front garden was doing what most front gardens do – nothing much. Also my rubbish bins were taking up too much space in the back garden PLUS I could not believe that my streeetscape had not been given a major overhaul in the last 10 years […]

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If vertical gardens make dense living attractive does it matter if water consumption is reduced or increased?

This post is in response to the article on Vertical Gardens in the LA times written by Emily Green.  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/home_blog/2010/08/vertical-gardens-skeptic.html and on the writers blog  http://bit.ly/9oJMWa. Have you heard of the need to reduce food miles? Grow food closer to home? Are vertical gardens really using more water than a large sprawling suburbia where everyone plants into the […]

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Garden wall art can make the outdoors snug. And so can vertical gardens.

I have been applying all types of garden wall art to my communal outdoor area in the last 12 months. The main ‘art’ is the vertical gardens. Everyone loves them and people often comment how the living walls make the space more cosy. We have limited opportunity to make major changes to our garden therefore we […]

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deer garden wall art

Deer heads (and other species) adorn interior and garden walls. Retro hunting art?

Did you know the musty stag head hanging on  your family’s drawing room wall has become an icon of super chic? The strong shape creates a great graphic. Garden Beet stocks this item in the garden wall art department. Ours are made of cast iron. The outdoor british brand Anorak use the icon on many […]

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living wall with children

TV station ‘Help. Who in London does living walls for the home owner’. Slightly chuffed that the RHS recommended Garden Beet.

To be recommended for a TV lifestyle chat program by the RHS for living walls (following a living wall installation at Chelsea) makes me feel mildly excited. Garden Beet used Woolly Pockets at Chelsea. Woolly Pockets allow anyone to build their own living wall with ease. Miguel Nelson the artist and inventor of Woolly Pockets is a […]

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