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wally pocket three vertical garden

Vertical Vegetable Garden Design: Recommend products and the avoid List.

This article is designed to assist the DIY vertical gardener choose the best product for growing vegetables on a wall (living wall). We have been reading what people have been saying in the gardening forums and we think its time someone questioned the wisdom behind ‘cheap vertical garden solutions are best’. Vertical gardening can be […]

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create a living wall planter

Cheap fabric living wall planters – forget it – go to Ikea

If you want plants growing on a wall and you want them to grow well Garden Beet still gives a number one vote to the Wally Pocket. Unfortunately the Wally Pocket is expensive – and that is a problem for some. I have seen approximately 10 copies of the Wally Pockets and really I would […]

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Recycled Wooden Planters: Walls at Muscrats Vintage

                                                                              These planters caught my eye whilst waiting for fish and chips on St Georges Road in […]

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Vertical garden gone candy mad …… living walls are such a fad, NOT.

..ho hum ……….yet another garden designer stated that vertical gardens were a fad…AGAIN………. Well my plants are so happy with their wall planters that they are exploding with the most ridiculous colours – I never intended for yellow/pink/purple flowers to all come together – this garden was only ever temporary……(no not a fad, but a trial garden). […]

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wall planters on brick wall

Living walls ain’t bling to me. Woolly Pocket offer a real vertical garden opportunity

Did I ever mention Woolly Pockets? Sorry to bang on with the same old drum. I have been experimenting on an even bigger scale with vertical gardens and wall planters today.  I read all these living wall sceptics in the news and blogs etc – sometimes referring to the whole concept as garden bling. Well- it […]

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wall planters

Experimenting with vertical gardens …which wall planter system allows living walls to thrive

I gave the Westfield green wall planting a hard time a couple of months ago – it seemed bland and not varied enough for the size of the wall. I need to slightly amend my criticism. I returned to the Westfield living wall today and the planting design looked more varied now the plants have grown and some species are […]

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plants for the wall

Plants for your wall planters – guidance for DIY green walls

    A frequent question from Garden Beet’s customers are: what plants can I use in my Woolly Pocket Wall Planter? Whilst the planter is suitable for many container plants I find that  sometime people just want a bit more guidance on what plant species to use in their vertical garden. I have therefore started […]

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wall planter on a garden brick wall

Plants for a Woolly Pocket garden wall planter

Am playing around with Woolly Pocket  Wall Planters at the moment and found a fabulous trailing plant that will work well in the planter to provide quick coverage. In this Woolly Pocket I have planted 2 x  (trailing) Ajuga reptans ‘Atropurpurea’ (it is in flower but I wanted the plant to quickly fill out so […]

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indoor planters

Green the Office by Julio Radesca de Carvalho. A new indoor planter that creates walls.

I needed this photo 24 hours ago. Had an indoor planter enquiry yesterday that went like this – ‘Help we are in an office – we want a green wall to provide some division between our desks but we are not allowed to suspend anything from the roof – basically we need a wall planter […]

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green wall with timber

Wall planters are green walls at Ecobuild. Various technologies minus Woolly Pockets

      The photos above are of the green wall display at Ecobuild in London (held this week ). Wall planters are changing and it is possible to wrap entire buildings with plants. Ecobuild is a London based expo that show cases latests advancements in green building technologies. The centre piece of the expo was […]

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