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Water tanks, walls and water harvesting

Image : Landscape Tanks Given that water is a valuable  resource it seems sensible to incorporate water holding features into building projects wherever possible. The retaining wall above  incorporates a water tank plus accommodates a planting bed on top.  The holding tank is constructed from concrete. Whilst the image above is not terribly inspiring be […]

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green wall and fence

Designers: water tanks need some serious butt thinking. Water quality by 2015 needs to be pristine.

By 2015 rainwater that does not become absorbed  by the ground has to leave a property in ‘pristine’ condition before it enters into the UK waterways. This water is often referred to as ‘run-off’. Land that is contaminated will need to store and treat its ‘run-off’ on site. Surely that is a good thing? Yes, but we […]

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