Cane Toppers

  • Single Cane Topper  10 per Packet  H24mm x D30mm Suitable for 6mm to 10mm single cane
  • Three Teepee Cane Topper  3 Per Packet  H36mm x D45mm Suitable for 6mm to 10mm canes
  • Eight Teepee Cane toppers 1 Per Packet  H56mm x D70mm Suitable for 6mm to 10mm canes

Cane Toppers are a great solution for holding your climbing vegetables and their supports in place. Available insingle, three and eight cane holders. These cane holders are colourful and fun and will add visual interest to even the most UN-productive vegetable patch.

Category: UK

Type: Cart2Cart

Vendor: Haxnicks

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