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Nice product, but Garden Beet was out of stock on another item in the same order, and automatically refunded me for it, deducting shipping (would have been free had the other item been in stock) without really giving me a choice. So unfortunately failed on service.
Excellent product.
It's a great product and will be buying some more. I am in a rental apartment and can't drill holes in the wall, so hoping to find some kind of stand or brace that can hold it up.
Thomas Kipling 
Excellent service, helpful on the telephone and in sending it abroad promptly. Yet to open the product but will do so when we are next in Italy in late June.
James McColl 
I liked it on the web site and it is even better than I had hoped for, it's been much admired. I will email a photo of my installation, it's on the wall next to my kitchen door and is full ofherbs and rocket. I have a microbore watering system and have drilled collection holes on the bottom tray which I have connected to a 4mm pipe which runs down into a flower pot below.
Wonderful customer service even with a complicated delivery to Sweden! Thank you so much for following through with everything!


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The service I received was second to none 10/10, I will certainly recomend you - Hertfordshire, UK - 09/06/2011

Excellent Customer Service. 21/5/11 - London

Thank you very much for your efficient and helpful communication and speedy delivery - it arrived today. 09/06/11 -Nottinghamshire, UK

Very good 21/5/11 - London

Received order today. Am very happy with product. Also appreciate the email updates, a service I dont always get from bigger organisations I have delt with" 09/12/10 - UK

***** 4.8 STARS Google Shopping Customers

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Minigarden UK | Indoor Outdoor Living Wall Planters


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Minigarden is perfect for building a small living wall or simply combine together to create a large vertical garden. 

Minigarden is suitable for growing fresh aromatic herbs in your kitchen or outside on your balcony. The modular system allows your vertical garden to be as large or small as you wish.

A contemporary and chic solution for patios, decks, rooftops and around fencing or windows.

Minigarden reduces water usuage. Its unique design reduces evaporation so the compost will not dry out. The drainage system also directs excess water to the base of the installation to prevent the plants in the bottom tier being overwatered.

Minigarden vertical system has been successfully installed worldwide. Since its release onto the market Minigarden has been growing plants vertically in residential homes and commercial properties throughout Europe and Australasia.

Irrigation pipe (6mm) can be installed inside the system where it is concealed from view. For large Minigarden installation (64 plus units) we recommend the minigarden drip system (please email to enquire about purchase

Garden Beet Stocks the following combinations of Minigarden

Minigarden Single Set Pack height 54cm x width 64.7cm x depth 19.1cm. Consists of 3 Planter Tiers (3 tiers x 3 planter holes  = 9 planter holes in total ) and 1 Base Tray. Made from a tough durable plastic - copolymer polypropylene. Order online.

Each kit comes with an instruction manual and is provided below. Simply click the download button.


Base Trays are sold seperately to allow greater design flexibility. Order above.

Planter Tiers are sold seperately to allow greater design flexibility. Place a special order via .

Minigarden Project Kits For those building a larger living wall (greater than 1.5 metes high). Purchase the Planter Tiers in groups of 26 and the Base Trays in groups of 13. Be aware only ONE base tray is required per column of planting tiers. Therefore the Base Tray Project Kit and the Planting Tier Project Kit provides enough base trays for 13 columns of 2 planting tiers.

Project Kits can be purchased at Garden Beet however a request via email is required to ensure stock availability Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Each MiniGarden comes with an 8mm hole to allow fixing to the wall (full instructions are included in the MiniGarden kit).

Ideally the MiniGarden should be fixed to either wood or steel battons. The battons lie  between the wall and the minigarden. Fixing the MiniGarden with a batton allows air flow around the wall therefore avoiding humidity (the wall can breathe).



minigarden measure


minigarden garden


For detailed measurements and construction please refer to drawings below.

Can't see the drawing? Press control and the + sign on keyboard to increase the size of the drawing.

mini-garden construction

mini garden measurements plan

Planter Tier: height 21cm, width 64.7cm, depth 19.1cm. (3 planter holes per tier)

Base Tray measures: height 3cm, width 64.7cm, depth 19.1cm.


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