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Artificial Vertical Gardens and Fake Plants on Walls


Artificial vertical gardens may be the answer. If you like the look of plants growing on the wall but can not face the maintenance we recommend one of our artificial vertical garden solutions. We offer three types.  PLANT WALL PANELS is a box hedge and is available in 5 colours in a very affordable price range. DIVERSE MIX PANELS: Artificial Green Wall Panels are rich and detailed vertical garden made up of several plant types. Stand back a couple of meters and this is a convincing design!  PREMIUM PANELS  Artificial Vertical Garden Premium is our high end solution. Plants are realistically designed and placed together to create a piece of artwork. A range of plants species is available. Each panel is hand finished by Melbourne Artists. We are currently on the hunt for recycled plastic vertical gardens.


Art & Ornaments

Garden art and ornaments that add some contemporary stylish fun. If you like to use your garden as another room our fresh range of products can help you create your outdoor style. Garden ornaments can add a bit of fun and colour. No need to be a serious insect all the time. With a touch of restraint and Garden Beet's diverse selection of garden art you can easily provide the finishing touches to a garden makeover. Place a scultpural tree at the end of a vista to create a focal point. Consider a stone ball sculpture for something more round?!?.  Or how about an cartoon rabbit for some street cred curbside appeal.