Melbourne is a city that takes pride in design and decoration. From its fashionable inhabitants to the street art adorning every other building in the city, the visual character of our city is real and the people of Melbourne take pride in this fact. This interest and passion for visual expression is no less present in the interior of the workplace and the private retreat of the home. This has given rise to the renaissance of the indoor plant, with lush jungles of rainforest foliage bringing nature back to the urban environment and new species coming in and out of fashion, it is safe to say Melbourne’s interior is becoming more and more green.

And while living plants can be welcoming and create a sense of harmony in a space, rooms and schedules that cannot support the healthy growth of plants can leave an area feeling dull and stagnant. Whether the room is devoid of natural light or the occupant regularly travels and is too busy to maintain their indoor plants, it is easy to feel like your space is lacking and could do with a splash of green hues and organic texture. This is where our artificial plant range becomes a versatile design tool and allows us to curate our space into a green and glorious environment that we are comfortable in.

For a city that is enamored with design and curation, our indoor plant range is a wonderful medium to work within – by removing the constraints that living plants place on our ability to design our space, we are able to provide the colour, shape and appeal of plants to a wider range of environments. Below we have outlined a few of our favourite artificial plants for indoor use.

Hanging Pothos Range

The Pothos plant is one of the most popular indoor plants in the city, widely used and well regarded for its hardiness and tolerance of low-light rooms this plant is a common sight in living rooms and offices throughout Melbourne. Even this robust plant has its limits though and can only survive under the right conditions with year-round maintenance. Our range of artificial Pothos Vines, also known as Devil’s Ivy, are one of our most popular range of products. We regularly install arrangements in cafes and offices and plenty of residential customers value its variability and trailing habit.

Fiddle Leaf

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is an incredibly popular indoor plant throughout the city, with almost every café having a specimen tucked away in a corner or by the front window of the shop. This is despite the fact that it is notoriously finicky and prone to poor health if the conditions aren’t exactly right. It’s popularity also means it is expensive and just not an option for a lot of people that like its broad, wavy leaves. Our artificial Fiddle Leaf Figs come in a range of sizes, with smaller products looking great on a desk or table and larger products working wonderfully as feature plants.


Our range of flowers and foliage stems is a great way to add colour and texture to your space without the expense and constant replacement of fresh-cut flowers. The Snow Tip is a dainty, delicate stem with small white flowers and looks great as a bunch in a vase. The White Lantern is a collection of white bell-shaped flowers that elegantly hang from a long stem, it’s great in a vase or laid out in the centre of a table. Pine Spray is a highly textural stem that mimics the form and habit of conifer foliage, it’s great on its own or as an addition to an arrangement. Our artificial flower range can be mixed and matched to achieve whatever look appeals to you.

Our artificial range of indoor plants and foliage are a wonderful way to visually enhance a space and communicate our own personalities and design ideas in a visual format. Take a moment and browse through our range of products and note what captures your attention it just might be the personal touch that your room or office is lacking.