Two of our installers recently traveled to Warrawong in New South Wales for an extensive artificial plant installation in a large family restaurant. The project utilised a range of Garden Beet's best products to create a varied and verdant space in the dining area. The Hanging Pothos vines and Hanging Pearls were particularly stunning and gave a great depth to the installation. 
Artificial trailing plants in restaurant

In the photo above a combination of large leaf plants and hanging beads have been used to accentuate the kitchen space and bring some colour and texture to what was previously quite a plain part of the room. The effect is a pleasant one, hiding away shelves and wiring and drawing the eye to the heart of the business - the kitchen. In this way we have added a visually pleasing element to a space that already captures the sensory attention of diners - the smell of delicious food is complimented by the sight of fresh green foliage.

Artificial hanging plants pothos devils ivy

In addition to the trailing plants, planter boxes full of our premium shrubs and small plants, such as the Bracken Fern, were constructed to create a lower level of vegetation and provide the patrons with the feeling of dining in the garden. This vegetation creates an interesting dynamic and relationship between the higher plants and those that are installed at table height, an important factor in creating harmony through the space and mimics the the layers of a natural canopy.

Artificial plant box ferns and shrubs

The team worked with the lead interior designer of the project to create a unique and vibrant final product. The plants were  individually attached by hand and sculpted to appear lush and organic, bringing a refreshing and bright feel to the restaurant.