In an urban environment we are often subject to monotonous textures and concrete eyesores, favouring longevity and structural integrity over appearance and aesthetic. The functionality of these materials is a necessary one - the building blocks of a metropolis need to be long lasting and strong enough to outweigh the short-term expense of construction, providing a home and workplace for billions of people around the globe. As more and more people decide to live in cities and forego the benefits of a rural lifestyle, we have had to become creative in altering the appearance of the great, grey mass of buildings that often surrounds us.

A range of design solutions have been devised to make our urban environments more aesthetically pleasing - from graffiti to interactive spaces, we have learned to manipulate the structures around us to be both functional and visually engaging. A large part of our job here at Garden Beet is to understand this dynamic and offer design solutions that enable our customers to enjoy their space and have some autonomy over the appearance of their environment.

Clients often express their frustration at the lack of control they have over the physical areas they occupy, lamenting the blank space of a backyard brick wall or wanting to add some colour and texture to their office in the hopes it will make for a more engaging and enjoyable workspace. We take offer a range of artificial garden wall panels, for both indoor and outdoor use, that are easy to install and have the ability to completely transform an area.


Wavy Fern Panel

Our Wavy Fern Panel is a budget-conscious way to introduce texture and contrast to a wall or structure, with the small leaves on dainty stems capturing the light and rustling in the wind. This panel is a favourite here at Garden Beet as it is UV protected, meaning it can be installed outdoors, and provides a great amount of coverage. In our showroom in Preston, we have lit the edges of this panel to achieve a wonderful green glow as the light plays off the foliage.

Camellia And Clover

Arguably our most popular outdoor garden panel, Camellia and Clover offers a stunning range of textures thanks to the large feature plants that are attached to the panel. These larger plants and dainty white Camellia flowers jump out of the thick, short foliage of clover leaves – creating a great depth and structural appeal to this panel. It is also UV protected.

Spring Wall Green

The Spring Wall Green panel is comprised of more than twelve varieties of plants that are hand attached to a black mesh backing. This panel offers a wide range of textures and green shades, with much of its appeal coming from the different leaf shapes and sizes.
Premium Wall Panels

Our top range garden panels are the most commonly selected panels by architects and designers wishing to forgo the hassle and long-term expense of real vertical gardens. These panels are designed by visual artists and hand crafted to order at our workshop in Preston. A range of carefully curated artificial plants of the highest quality are specially selected for each panel and arranged by our expert team of designers and installers. The Jackie, Eve and Grande panels are each a unique sculpture and should be selected as if they were art pieces, taking a position of pride in whichever space they are installed.

Garden Beet’s range of artificial vertical garden panels are an effective way to aesthetically manipulate a space – turning a boring, two-dimensional space into one rich in form and texture.