The use of plants as aesthetic features has been around for centuries: the ancient Babylonians created huge oasis gardens in the desert; the cultures of east Asia practiced Bonsai and similar crafts as a means to study and meditate and more recently aristocrats of Victorian era England used house plants to denote esteem and signal their wealth. Now in the age of social media, Instagram tags and #pinterestinspiration, house plants have become a way to display one's own flair for interior design and bring personality to a space. Not everyone has the time, patience or the green thumb to create an indoor jungle though and this is where our feature plant range starts to shine. 
Artificial palm, Plastic Fronds, Open Palm

Our feature plant range includes some of our most prestigious products, with plants taller than 2m and intricate foliage design that often results in customers touching the leaves and double checking as to whether they are indeed artificial. This range includes the Areca Palm and the Happy Philo Tree in which the form and structure of either plant varies wildly. Where the Palm has a graceful, sweeping form and open canopy the Happy Philo has a robust trunk and quirky leaves - this may give you some indication as to the character of either product and how it's own personality can be representative of your own. 

Artificial Happy Philodendron, Fake Foliage, Large Leaf

The ability to bring an organic form into the home, office or business space is effective as a design tool. Mixing and creating a relationship between these forms and more rigid structures, creates an interesting contrast while softening the less desirable features of each component. Take the photo above as an example, the straight edges of the table and pot give way to the varied, flowing features of the Happy Philo Tree and the potential for the plant to appear unruly is abated by the structure of the other elements in the scene - a kind of harmony has been achieved. 

The impact of a feature plant can be grand, with the use of large products such as the Split Philo Tree standing tall at 2.1 meters and taking a dominant role in any room. Or the more subtle and intricate design of the Potted IFR Grass, which can be placed on a table or shelf to give a little splash of texture and colour to a space. See the two images below and compare for yourself. 

Artificial Split Philo Tree 2.1m Tall

Potted IFR Grass Artificial Plant

Whether it's a large, bold statement you wish to make or something a little more delicate, we have a wide range of artificial plants just waiting to be used to show off your artistic side and style.