artificial cactus plants seven dwarfs


The cactus plant is the most sculptural hardy plant form. I loved this plant throughout my 20s and 30s - I loved it like a child - I trusted it.

Like most plant species it takes time to understand each individual plant and how it will adapt to the environment you provide it.

The silhouette of a long tall spike is striking. With a happy face I thought it would be great for building a fence outside my home. Along my property boundary. The cactus is surely a good barrier from unwanted intruders as well as wandering cats and dogs?

A line of tall cactus could also keep the rubbish from blowing in. If I used enough cactus plants - each side by side - surely together, each and every cactus plant will create a fence. The cactus fence will protect my home! I can be safe indoors knowing that my cacti will protect.

AHH... no

A real cactus plant must be watched. Don't stop watching. These cactus guys can become parasites in your garden.

A live cactus can take over. The cactus plant follows the rules of the jungle. If a cacti can beat you, it will behave like it deserves whatever corner of the garden takes its fancy.

Be careful the cactus can cause damage: to your home and garden.

Three to twelve months later you may realise you are cactus.

Garden Beet has seven dwarf varieties of artificial cactus plants.

The seven dwarfs in Garden Beet's Cactus range include BD cactus, DM cactus, cactus CL, cactus JU, cactus NB, MD cactus and happy cactus.