The use of floral and horticultural imagery as a decorative tool has a long and revered history. While different cultures have held varying beliefs about the symbolism of this botanical imagery, it is evident that human beings have sought to bring natural elements into the interior space; a space that can feel sterile and lifeless. Floral decoration is depicted in nearly every civilisation throughout history and the persistence of this visual motif speaks to the connection we have with plants and our desire to express this feeling in a visual format.

While the trends and rules of floral decoration may change like any other fashion, the wider availability and access to design material means that anyone is able to use floral imagery as a means of self-expression. We can find depictions of flowers and foliage all around us; our clothes, jewellery and even our wallpaper speak to our natural interest in botanical imagery.

At Garden Beet we are lucky enough to engage with this interest daily and the design ideas of our customers and clients means that we are always brainstorming and discussing new ways to use our products. Increasingly, customers are coming to us with their own projects in mind, seeking to find materials that allow them to create the scene they envisage. One of the outcomes of this process has been the use of cut stems and individual leaves in lieu of full-size plants. We have outlined a few of these products below with a couple of suggestions to get the creative juices flowing:

Monstera Deliciosa – Fruit Salad Plant

This plant is one of the most popular indoor plants of recent years and with good reason; the large, broad leaf of the Monstera Deliciosa is full of character. In the wild as the plant matures, its full, deep green leaves begin to perforate and develop an attractive contrast between the deep green foliage and the negative space of the holes in the leaves. This habit has earned the Deliciosa the common name Swiss Cheese Plant.

Our artificial single leaf Monstera Deliciosa is a sculptural and dynamic piece of synthetic foliage. It looks great in a vase on its own or as an addition to a vertical garden and has been used as a stencil for print making to great effect.


Philodendron Leaf

Our Philodendron Leaf is made to mimic the Philodendron selloum plant, a very popular houseplant that is beloved for it’s large foliage. The broad, sculptural leaves with splits along alternating splits and growths are quirky and interesting to look at. Our artificial Philodendron Leaf looks great in a vase as a minimal table centrepiece or when used as a stencil for print making. Alternating leaves and placing in a pattern can make for a vibrant and three-dimensional type of wall paper.

Split-Leaf Philodendron

Another misnomer of the Monstera Deliciosa, the Split-Leaf Philodendron is a smaller version of the product above. The smaller stem means this product is great for those small spaces and looks great as a table centrepiece when two or three leaves are placed in a glass vase.

Our simple foliage and single-leaf products are wonderful as an entry point into using floral and botanical mediums as a design medium. Their use is only limited to your imagination and getting hands on about the look of your space is a great way to feel more comfortable in it.