At Garden Beet we are often called upon to devise a way to use our artificial hanging plant range to decorate the parts of a room where other furnishings fall short. In commercial spaces there can be unsightly structural elements and unusually high ceilings that are difficult to decorate. Similarly, customers that are looking to decorate their residential space are restricted to impermanent additions and quick fixes. Using artificial hanging plants, we can instantly introduce some texture and form to a room - the natural structure of the foliage and vines offsets the rigid, hard lines of furniture and building features. Through this contrast of texture, we can create depth in a room. The space will appear to be more open and we can use negative space to our advantage.

Artificial Hanging Plant Torpedo

Our range of artificial plants in Hanging Baskets is a great place to start when decorating your vertical space. The baskets are lightweight and come with chains and a hook to make installation a breeze. We have four different types of artificial plants in this range with varying leaf textures and lengths. They look fantastic hanging under a patio, above a kitchen bench or dining table and can be used effectively when multiple baskets are installed at various heights.

Artificial Hanging Plants Pothos Vines

The Hanging Pearls and Angel Vine are both great options for customers who want a little more control over their artificial hanging plant and can be used effectively when combined with other shrubs and small plants. In the photo below, the installation team at Garden Beet used Hanging Beads and Hanging Pothos vines to cover an unsightly metal grid above the kitchen of a new café, the transformation was immediate and drew the eye to the heart of the business.

 Artificial Plant Cissus Vine

The Cissus Vine is one of our premium artificial hanging plants. Boasting long, trailing vines of large, broad-leafed foliage this product is made to mimic the habit of grape vines. This synthetic plant can be used to great effect when draped from an overhanging structure or, using the sturdy wire of the vines, “trained” to climb up a trellis. The Cissus vine offers a large coverage as the many leaves interact with the light of a space and create a wonderful depth and texture.

Artificial Plant Pothos Vine

As urban environments become increasingly populated, and our living and work spaces become smaller, we need to come up with creative design solutions to make the most of our space. It can be difficult to personalise and decorate a small space without adding clutter to the mix and yet a room that is under furnished can easily feel sterile and lifeless. There are a range of solutions to this problem, from tall mirrors to all-white furniture, but these solutions are often expensive and simply unachievable if you are renting or unable to make permanent alterations to a room or building. Through considered and constructive design choices, we can enhance the look of a room and perhaps it seems counterintuitive, but a few small additions to the vertical plane of a room can make the space appear larger and more open.