Its not good. The last three weeks I have picked up bags of plastic along St Georges Road in Preston. The plastic bits come from our own vertical gardens.

Those plastic  bits end up down the waterways. That is a huge problem.

I know people have been vandalizing the gardens lately. That is why there is plastic on the ground.

I have also noticed our other local public projects are looking very ratty. Again vandalism.

These projects were designed to stop unwanted graffiti. And they did for two years. Sadly the gardens are now causing a bigger problem than what they were originally designed to solve. 

For anyone considering using these products for an outdoor project designed to overcome unwanted graffiti please note: every area is different. For two years we did not have this problem.

After much consideration the only way I can respond is to withdraw from using the product on public projects.

I was hoping to find a recycled plastic or another sustainable materiel by now. The timeline was 12 months, Its now the 4 year anniversary of Garden Beet's step into the artificial plant market and I am still no closer to a solution.

Nevertheless am still optimistic about the future. I know there is a solution. My biggest hurdle has been my personal circumstances.

So where to from here? Keep watch people.