Garden Beet recently completed an artificial garden wall at a residential property in the heart of suburban Melbourne, bringing a splash of vibrant green and wavy foliage to the family's favourite summer hangout spot. Using our Wavy Fern panels, the team transformed the space into a lush, inviting area to while away the Summer months. 

In nature, plants absorb most of the solar radiation that strikes them and use this energy to photosynthesize, turning the radiation of the sun into simple sugars that the plant uses to grow. For this reason greenery in urban environments is being used all around the world to prevent the trapping of heat that occurs when sunlight warms materials such as concrete and brickwork. If you have ever been in a city and felt that the roads and buildings were warm after the sun has set you'll know what I mean. 

In this project the client faced a similar problem, albeit on a smaller scale, and any living plants that were placed in front of the wall soon fell victim to hot conditions. The synthetic materials our products are made of may not have the ability to photosynthesize but they can act in a similar way in regards to absorbing heat and reducing the reflected warmth from the surface they are attached to.

Artificial Garden Wall Green Wavy Fern Foliage
Artificial Garden Wall Green Wavy Fern Foliage

The client came to Garden Beet in the hopes of solving an issue they had been trying to trouble shoot since the pool and deck were constructed - the north-facing brick wall had been trapping the summer heat and subsequently killing off any plants they had tried to grow. The trial and error process was becoming frustrating, costly and it just wasn't working.

After a quick chat with the Garden Beet team, a solution was devised - a UV protected, verdant green garden wall was to be installed along the length of the wall - with our Wavy Green panels being the perfect product for the job. Our lead installer spent a busy afternoon transforming the space and when the job was done there was still enough daylight left for the family to take a refreshing dip and observe the new addition to their beloved back yard.