Bringing natural textures, form and colour into a space can really lift the feel of a room. The bright, sunny colours and intricate shapes can do wonders to offset the often rigid and harsh lines that buildings exhibit. It can be difficult to find a long-term solution to this problem, especially in cases where living plants are just not a viable option – extremely high or low levels of sunlight, busy schedules and curious pets can lead to rooms that are seriously lacking in natural form. Additionally, the cost of fresh, cut flowers is on the rise and some households and businesses just can’t afford to replace them every week.

Artificial flowers have been around for centuries; people of ancient China used silk to create flowers as a means of artistic expression and synthetic flowers quickly swept throughout Europe as a decorative feature, fashion accessory and artform. It is said that, upon being presented with a near-perfect silk rosebud, Marie Antoinette fainted – needless to say, artificial flowers have a very real effect.

Artificial Potted IFR Grass

Synthetic flowers offer a range of benefits that do not come so easily to fresh-cut flowers:

  • They are permanent. The joy of fresh flowers precedes the disappointment of having to throw them away when they are no longer vibrant and fresh.
  • Artificial flowers can be used in multiple arrangements and can be mixed and matched as your tastes change. During the festive season flowers that were sitting in a vase can be adapted to make a wreath or ornamental feature.
  • Wired stems make for easy arrangement and tweaks – the flowers will stay where you want them and can be bent to catch the light.
  • Fake flowers are also hypoallergenic for those of us with sensitivities to pollen and plant matter.
  • They can be a useful tool for anyone who is studying or interested in floristry and flower arrangements.

We have a wide range of artificial flowers here at Garden Beet, each with their own unique form and colour. Outlined below are some of our favourites.

Artificial flower Pine White

Pine White
The structural form of this artificial flower makes it a wonderful addition to any arrangement. It can be tucked down into the bottom layers of a bouquet to create depth or can be used as a bold and bright feature. Its structure resembles a pine cone.

Yellow Green Berry
This product offers a wonderful range of textures and colour as the light hits each individual berry in a different way. The yellow green berry is great in an arrangement with other flowers and foliage but also works well as a bunch on it’s own.

Artificial Flower White Lantern

White Lantern
The delicate and dainty white flowers of this product make the artificial White Lantern a favourite here at Garden Beet. The long stem means it is versatile and can be a structural base for a wonderful bouquet. We often add these as feature spots in vertical gardens, but they look great in a pot or vase on their own.

Artificial Flower Snow Tip

Snow Tip
The snow tip is a wonderful little stem with bright white, star-shaped flowers emerging from the end of dark green foliage. A fantastic base for a bouquet or festive ornamental feature.

Red Eryngium
A flash of colour makes this showy artificial flower a great option for a feature in an arrangement or vase. The base foliage and shape of the leaves make it a dynamic and variable product.

Artificial Yellow Flowers

These are just a few of our flower-based products we have here at Garden Beet and we are constantly mixing and matching with other artificial plants in our workshop and showroom to better understand their full potential. Browse through our other products and see what combinations take your fancy, it’s a great chance to express yourself and brighten up your space.