In our commercial projects we are often asked to problem solve, working with architects and interior designers to create a unique product and specific aesthetic out of existing artificial plants. The beauty of this collaboration is that the end result is often greater than the sum of it's parts - through group thinking and a little give and take we come across creative solutions and new possibilities. 

Recently this practice was put to good use in an artificial garden installation in a Melbourne restaurant. A few weeks before the installation date the designers mentioned there would be a grid of dowels and beams attached to the ceiling of the dining room, the space had very high ceilings and some greenery would be needed to break up the industrial appearance of the dining area. This was an additional dimension of the project that was not discussed in our initial briefing and we needed to devise a way to create harmony between the plants hanging from the ceiling and those that were to be installed on the walls and planter boxes. After some back and forth and a few concept combinations it was decided that we would use variations of the Hanging Pothos Vine to create a kind of bunched, hanging feature. The Green Lantern Torpedo was created out of necessity and has gone on to become a great, popular new product. 

Artificial Hanging Plant, Pothos Devil's Ivy Garland, Green Lantern Torpedo

Artificial Hanging Plant, Pothos Devil's Ivy, Green Lantern Torpedo

The difference between this bushy, trailing plant and that of it's composite parts is significant, with a much larger surface area and wider diameter the Lantern stands out and does not fade into the background - it was the perfect product for the job. By staggering these large hanging bundles along the grid work of timber and steel the desired effect was achieved, the industrial elements were softened and a kind of visual dialogue between the artificial plants was created. The installation of the Green Lantern Torpedo was the final step in a long project and the effect was immediate, it completely tied the room together and created a sense of balance and texture in space. 
Artificial Hanging Plants, Pothos Devil's Ivy Vine, Green Lantern Torpedo

Artificial Hanging Plant, Devil's Ivy Pothos Vine, Green Lantern Torpedo

Here at Garden Beet  we find great satisfaction in this kind of creative problem solving and often by working within the constraints of the materials we have on hand; the time we have to complete the project and the creative desires of other professionals, we find our greatest results.