Artificial Vertical Gardens and Fake Plants on Walls

All images above illustrate Vertical Garden Grande.

It is our premium vertical garden and is made to order by Garden Beet. For further details please refer to Vertical Garden Grande.



Artificial vertical gardens may be the answer. If you like the look of plants growing on the wall but can not face the weekly maintenance required to keep a real vertical garden looking good we recommend one of our artificial vertical garden solutions. We offer a range of box hedges in a very affordable price range. There is also a range of Artificial Green Wall Panels that comprise of a rich and detailed planting mix. Stand back a couple of meters and this is a convincing design!  PREMIUM PANELS  Artificial Vertical Garden Premium is our high end solution. Plants are realistically designed and placed together to create a piece of artwork. A range of plants species is available. Each panel is hand finished by Melbourne Artists.