Woolly Pocket Plants

The planting list for Woolly Pockets is endless. Most plants that can be grown in a container can be grown in the Woolly Pocket. The Pockets are ideal for growing herbs, leafy vegetables as well as showy plants.

If you want instant plant coverage it is advised to install 2-4 plants that are in containers between 1 to 2 litres. The pockets are not designed for larger root balls. Choose two or three plants that are upright and one or two that trail. The upright plants can be placed towards the back of the pocket and the trailing plants can be located at the front.

If you want to save money it is advised that you buy plants as small as possible and watch the plants grow.


What outdoor plants do you recommend for the UK?

Sunny position - upright plants

Alchemilla mollis Ladys' mantle









Sunny position - trailing plants




Pig face

Trailing thyme

Trailing lotus

Shade position - upright plants


Brunnera (Jack Frost)

Bergena (Elephants ears)







Shade position - trailing plants

Ajuga reptans

Dichondra argentea

Mother of Pearl


Where can I buy plants online in the UK?

If you are after a good place to buy plants in the UK we recommend Crocus. A fabulous online plant store with great plant pictures and descriptions. And guess what - they deliver to your home!


A little UK Garden Beet secret

If you are after some weird and wonderful trailing indoor plants we recommend a trip to Homebase. Go to the indoor plant section and take a look at the trailing plants (found amongst the indoor hanging baskets). Very trippy plants indeed.


What Australian Plants do you recommend?

Austalia has gone bananas with its cultivars in the last 10 years. Many of the plants listed below can be used in southern UK, Europe and USA in sunny, dry positions however availability is likely to be an issue in every country other than Australia.

Nevertheless we mention them. Why? Well one day Australian plants may be more readily available.

Sunny position - upright plants

Banksia - Dwarf Birthday Candles, Cherry candles

Kangaroo paw

Lomandra (dwarf varieties)

Sunny position - trailing plants

Acacia Prostrate forms such as Mop top

Creeping Geebung

Derwintia perfoliata

Grevellias (prostrate varieties such as Grevillea lanigera)

Myoprum parvifolium

Kennedia prostrata


For a detailed read on Garden Beet's trial plantings using Woolly Pockets please refer to the following article Review of Woolly Pockets in the UK.


Green Wall with living plants
Green wall above a shop Green wall with a hanging chair. Green Wall with plants and wall.