Rain Chains Buy Australia

Copper rain chains bring art to your drainage.

Rain chains are an alternative to the traditional gutter and spout rainwater collection system used in the UK. The water flows rhythmically from the roof to the ground via the chain - creating a mesmerising water display.

Simply remove the down pipe and replace with the rain chain. The rain chain can be secured to the gutter via the rain chain’s top loop.

It is important that your rain chain looks good as well as being able to withstand periods of ‘wet’ and ‘dry'. Our rain chains are made from solid copper and therefore will not rust. Copper is durable, can withstand being wet and its appearance matures with a stunning patina.

Rain Chains are an old drainage solution that can create a contemporary feel to the home and garden.

Rain chains have been used by the Japanese for hundreds of years and were originally developed as a technique to collect water.

A very functional garden accessory.