$140.00 AUD

VersiWall is an easy to use soil based vertical garden system. Simply mount the frame to the wall, plant the tray, hang the tray to the frame and voila. The trays detachable system makes replanting easy. No need to struggle up high.

The Versi-wall system is used on residential and commercial projects. The anti lift arms prevents the tray from being moved.

Each tray has a water reservoir with a cover designed for the provision of a capillary wick to re-use stored water and facilitate sustained plant growth.

The design allows for plant spacings of 200mm and 250mm horizontally and 150mm and 225mm vertically.

The use of mounting frames minimises wall penetrations and enables installation to be carried out easily and safely by just one person.

Manufactured from UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene that meets requirements for international “Green Building” certification.

Each box is made up of 12 tray and 1 Mounting Panel

Planter tray: height 195mm, width 207mm, depth 192mm

Panel: height 925, width 418mm, depth 22mm