Wally Pocket

Wally Pockets are a type of wall planter that can be used on its own or in groups of Wally Pockets to cover any wall to create a vertical garden (also known as green walls or living walls). They also make a great garden gift. Made from recycled plastic bottles the Woolly Pockets allow each plant’s root system to breath. Thereby providing optimal growing conditions for your Wally Pocket plants. Furthermore, the lined Wally Pockets do not drip allowing plants to be hung indoors as well as outdoors. Gardening vertically is easy with Wally. You can grow plants on just about any type of wall or fence - indoors and outside. Like building blocks, Wallys are totally modular. Easy enough to Do-It-Yourself and durable enough for professional use, Wallys create an instant lush living wall. Attach your pockets to the wall then fill the Pockets with soil and beautiful full-sized plants.