Garden Accessories tend to lag behind in the world of design and architecture. However it seems that times may be changing. Woolly Wally Pockets Green Wall System meets the future  gardens criteria: engaging, self sustaining and productive. And its all with super eco chic  style.

A trend spotter, The Future Laboratory UK, has identified the garden of the future to be more engaging, self sustaining and productive than in the past.


This trend is partly fuelled by the economic down turn but there is also a general desire to live more harmoniously with the environment. Organic living is no longer the domain of the unwashed. Meanwhile we are living in more confined spaces and have less access to our own private outdoors.


Garden accessories normally tend to lag behind social trends but remarkably there are some gardening products that have kept abreast of this social change and are accommodating the urban dweller's desire to remain in touch with Mother Nature, despite the lack of space.


Gardening no longer requires an outdoor area; you do not even need free floor space. All you need is a vacant wall, enough light and a few Woolly Wally Pockets. The Pockets are a type of wall planter that allows most walls to become your very own vertical garden within a couple of hours.


Made from recycled plastic bottles the material conserves water. It also allows a plant's root system to breath, thereby promoting healthy growth. But best of all it enables plants to be grown up a wall (without damaging the wall) and it is no more difficult to install than a book shelf. It is robust and looks great even before the plants have established.


Green walls, also known as living walls and vertical gardens were pioneered by Patric Blanc, a French botanist. He has made the vertical gardening concept famous. The advertising world is currently embracing his skills and engaging him to create various living billboards around the world. In fact London's Athenaeum Hotel's green wall has its very own Facebook Fan  Page.


There have been various green wall systems developed in recent years in response to rising interest in this planting technique. Woolly Wally Pockets is one of the first systems that enables even the most basic gardener to construct a living wall without the need for specialist plant and green wall construction knowledge.


The living wall can be located indoors or outdoors and can be as small or as large as you wish. The wall planters come in three sizes and three colours to accommodate your green wall design. This is an easy solution for all those vertical garden enthusiasts who are ahead of their time