Artificial Green Wall Panels Camellia and Clover

$125.00 AUD

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VERDICT: Artificial Green Wall Panels Camellia and Clover is one of Garden Beet's favorite designs. It is a dense thick garden which makes it look lush and alive. It has very few gaps and its design makes it easier to create shapes or letters compared to other basic garden panels.  Each green wall panel is made up of camellia leaf, clover and sedges.  It also looks great up close and from a distance because the garden is comprised of various shades of green and a range of plant sizes.

DESIGN TIP:  If you need to reduce cost consider mixing this green wall panel with a  cheaper artificial garden panel such as the Camellia Leaf or the  Box Green

The panel comes with a detachable white flower. We recommend removing the white flower as it tends to fall over time. 

The garden can be used indoors and outdoors. Its gloss finish looks great indoors. 

Easy to cut with a pair of sharp household scissors.

A modular system - simply press and click so you can make you own artificial vertical garden fit the space you need covering.

The panels are sold in 1m x 1 m square and each is made up of  33cm x 33cm squares. You will receive 1 large mat made up of 9 no of 33cm x 33cm squares.

Maintenance involves washing down with a hose to remove dust. If they are located outdoors the rain will do much of the cleaning.

1m wide x 1 m high panels.

Another Design Tip!

Seeking a cladding material to frame your Garden Beet wall garden? We like the slate and timber cladding options below. Available for around $100 square meter

artificial green wall with timber white

Painted white laminate flooring

artificial wall garden with slate

 Panel Stone Cladding