Artificial Vertical Garden Indoor KAPFF

$195.00 AUD


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Artificial vertical garden KAPFF (Keep Alive a Positive Fantasy of the Future) is our tropical deluxe indoor /outdoor artificial vertical garden with an extra long filler plant. Great for kindergartens, pubs, restaurants and the home. Also great for lifting the spirits

You will receive 16 times 250 x 250mm artificial vertical garden panels and one artificial foliage plant   with every square meter you order.

The plant will be used to fill out the foliage of the panels.

Simply cut the stem of the main plant to create small branches (use wire cutters or strong scissors).

Add the small branches to the existing artificial vertical garden panels to create a deluxe artificial garden.

It is best if this vertical garden is located out of direct sunlight to prevent colour fade.

The panels are sold in 1m x 1 m square and each is made up of  25cm x 25cm squares. A modular system - simply press and click so you can make you own artificial vertical garden fit the space you need covering.

Maintenance involves washing down with a hose to remove dust. If they are located outdoors the rain will do much of the cleaning. Colour fade will be slower when located away from direct sunlight. Panels can also be treated for UV protection. 

1m wide x 1 m  high panels.