Bromeliad Vertical Garden Plant

Bromeliad is the show stopper of the vertical garden plants. Indoor in Australia they can flower for up to 6 months. A tall standing brightly coloured roset flower  They grow better and get better stronger colours in lower light levels. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the cone topped up with water

In the wild Guzmanias grow in tropical rainforests up in the tree tops so they do not require a large amount of potting Mix or repotting (the mix is really just in there to keep the plant stable. When the plant has no flower there is a cone that stays full of water, this pool makes a home for frogs and other creatures in the wild. Out of this cone comes the flower.

You can give a liquid feed to your Guzmania every few months, mix up a dilute amount and pour it over the top because it will take in the nutrients through the cone, make sure there is no calcium in the feed.

Once your guzmanias flower has finished (4-6 months) cut it out as low as you can and the plant will develop pups around the base which will overtake the original plant and next time you will get a multiflowering plant. 


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