Cross Adjustable (middle Rail) 30-45 degrees - 130

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$31.50 AUD

Adjustable cross clamp from 30° to 45°. Often used where middle rails on staircases meet intermediate uprights. The through tube (vertical in photo) cannot be joined within the fitting. Standard finish is zinc coated plus hot dip galvanized. We can also powder coat any colour.

Our fittings come in three different sizes and fit the following pipe sizes

B34 - fits a 33.7 mm outside dia pipe and fits a 25 mm nominal bore pipe
C42 - fits a 42.4 mm outside dia pipe and fits a 32 mm nominal bore pipe
D48 - fits a 48.3 mm outside dia pipe and fits a 40 mm nominal bore pipe
  The nominal bore of a pipe is its internal dimension.