Easiwall Living Wall


Easiwall can be used to hide a plain wall, green up a basement light well or grow a vertical allotment of vegetables.

The panels are modular and can be used to create a large or small living wall.

Very tough and resilient, this green wall system is made to last.

Easiwall can be installed outdoors as well as indoors (drainage basin is not supplied).

The panels are designed to be fixed to a wall or frame with nails/screws.

If you are renting or on the move it is possible to create temporary fixings by using twine or similar and tying the panel to a fence as shown below.

easiwall tied


Easiwall: this model is suitable for creating a small living wall (up to 3m2)

  • Height 100cm, width 50cm and depth 15cm.
  • Each panel includes water reservoirs to allow plants to soak up the amount of water each plant requires. The roots sit above the water line and draw up what they need. An overflow prevents saturation on each trough.


Easiwall Fixing



Easiwall Pro: this model is suitable for creating large living walls (over 3m2)

  • Easiwall Pro. Height 100cm, width 100cm and depth 15cm
    Easiwall Pro H. Height 100cm, width 50cm and depth 15cm

All Easiwall Pro models include irrigation supply lines. The irrigation system has one tap connection point and a timer can be attached to the system if required (timer not supplied).  The irrigation lines are 16mm and compatible with standard hose fittings.

If irrigation is not an option (ie no tap in proximity) Easiwall Pro is available with the reservoir to enable the system to self water.


Easiwall Pro Assembly


Easiwall Pro Fixing



Plants per square meter

The number of plants required is dependant on plant choice. Nevertheless as a general guide the easiwall system can be planted with approximately 20 plants per square meter.

Plants should be installed in pots no greater than 1 litre.

It is recommended that plants be installed at smaller sizes to enable the plant to grow into the space. Smaller plants are also cheaper!

If an instant green look is required plants should be in pots closer to 1 litre/10cm or 3-4inch diameter. Be aware plants may outgrow the space quicker.


Easiwall Plant List 2012



The difference between the Easiwall and the Easiwall Pro

- Easiwall Pro comes in full sizes and half sizes

- Easiwall Pro has irrigation

- Easiwall Pro is suppplied with support rails for orders over 3 meters (less than 3 meters support rails are not required)

Please be aware Easiwall is not boxed. It arrives in a protective coating. This is not a gift item unless your recipient likes building materials.