Elbow Variable - 124

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$28.50 AUD

Elbow pipe clamp variable 15 to 60 degree angle joint, often used to join staircase top rail to end uprights.

Maintenance costs are reduced with our system as the standard finish is zinc coated plus hot dip galvanized. We can also powder coat any colour.

Standard colours black and safety yellow 

Available in the following steel tubing sizes :-

  • A27 - fits 20 Nominal Bore pipe
  • B34 - fits 25 Nominal Bore pipe
  • C42 - fits 32 Nominal Bore pipe
  • D48 - fits 40 Nominal Bore pipe
  • E60 - fits 50 Nominal Bore pipe

Pipes have fixed outside diameter (O/D) and variable inside diameter based on the thickness selected.