Epipremnum aureum - Pothos

$60.00 AUD

Epipremnum aureum also known as Money Plant or Pothos is a trailing low maintenance indoor vertical garden plant. 

Light: Low light to bright light. No direct sun. Although pothos will tolerate low light, it will have more leaves and better variegation if kept in bright light.

Temp: Average room humidity.  16-27°C

Soil: They will thrive in nutrient rich soil, but do almost as well in nutrient poor soil.

Water: Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. It will not tolerate soggy soil. Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering.

Habitat: Solomon Islands

Tip: Feed every 2 weeks spring through fall with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half. In winter, feed monthly.

Pot Size: 26 cm

Category: Trailing – Provides good coverage of vertical garden pockets or buckets. A useful plant to cover edges of a vertical garden (especially when the vertical garden does not have a frame or is not recessed into a wall).