Greenstack Planters G9

Greenstack planters is a fabulous cost effective way to screen ugly walls.

Herbs, flowers and other edibles can grow on any outdoor vertical surface.

The planter can used side by side, above and below further Greenstack G9 planters, to cover a wall with flowers or decorative plants, create a vertical herb garden or salad wall.

Made using 100% compostable and sustainable materials, your Greenstack planter is completely biodegradable and great for the environment! It won't last forever, but should last for more than one growing season. The designers still have a planter going strong in it's second growing season, and looking good.

The G9 planter has nine pouches, arranged three pouches high by three pouches wide.

Width 36 cm (14 inch),  76cm high (30 inch) and comes with its own hazel rod to hang from.