Jackie Vertical Garden Indoor

$495.00 AUD


Jackie is one our premium artificial vertical gardens. Jackie is comfortable on any indoor wall. She looks great on her own.

In the office Jackie breaks the monotony of the white walls and the long hours in the day. Your work buddies will swoon.

Jackie vertical garden creates a lush green statement in the home, waiting room or cafe.

Suitable for indoors as well as outdoor patio areas that are protected from direct sunlight and rain.

Simply hang like a picture.

The backing panel measures 90 x 60cm or is 0.54 square meter. The square meter rate is $916.  The garden needs an area of 100cm by 90 cm to allow the foliage to hang naturally. Each panel is slightly different as this is a hand made product.

Jackie is hand made and there can be delays from time to time. We usually require 10 working days to make orders. Please make contact to discuss if your order is urgent.  We can also make to size. Please call 1300 85 33 06

A Simple but Effective Design Trick - Do you have a really big wall to cover and need to keep costs down? Why not consider two or three Jackies and create a large vertical garden. Jackie is perfect for increasing the area treated by plants whilst keeping the price down. Buy two or three Jackies and space the gardens a part. By using the white space in between the gardens you are able to give the impression of a large area covered by plants. 

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