Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Planter

An affordable and well designed living wall planter. Vertical gardening could not be easier. The Living Wall Planter allows a plants root system to breathe plus has its own self-watering tank.

Height 33cm width 45.72 cm



• Simply attach tank, plant planter, then hang planter.

• Hardware included. Easy fasteners that work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal walls and vertical surfaces.

• Extra quick and easy plant exchange.

• Planters may be planted and replanted wherever convenient (even off-site) and simply brought to install area and quickly hung up without disrupting other planters, tanks or drip lines.

• May be planted and replanted while planters are hanging on wall.



• Breathes and allows excess moisture to evaporate or pass-through.

• Eliminates the need for extra-drainage, even in heavy rainfall.

• Plants can air-prune and develop healthy branching root structure.

• Helps prevent plants from becoming pot bound.

• Promotes live soil and organic gardening.



• Self-watering tank with easy access watering holes delivers water to roots and fills reservoir.

• Self-watering: 1.5 Liter reservoir allows roots to self-water for up to 2 weeks (depends on plants and environment).

• Conserves water and soil nutrition.

• Promotes live soil and organic gardening.



• Instantly create a lovely living wall or vertical garden indoors or out in minutes!

• The new Living Wall Planters are easy to hang. No tape measure or levels needed.

• For easy hanging, simply install and plant the Living Wall Planters by using the template guide included with the planter.



• Family owned and operated.

• Made from the most suitable, highest quality, sustainable and locally produced materials we can find.

• Made from up to 100% recyled plastic (darkest colors are 100% recycled).

• BPA-Free polyproplyene.

• 100% recyclable.

• Minimized, sustainbable packaging and shipping methods used wherever possible.


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