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Minigarden is suitable for growing fresh aromatic herbs in your kitchen or outside on your balcony. The modular system allows your vertical garden to be as large or small as you wish.

A contemporary and chic solution for patios, decks, rooftops and around fencing or windows.

Minigarden reduces water usuage. Its unique design reduces evaporation so the compost will not dry out. The drainage system also directs excess water to the base of the installation to prevent the plants in the bottom tier being overwatered.

Minigarden vertical system has been successfully installed worldwide. Since its release onto the market Minigarden has been growing plants vertically in residential homes and commercial properties throughout Europe and Australasia.

Irrigation pipe (6mm) can be installed inside the system where it is concealed from view. For large Minigarden installation (64 plus units).

Each MiniGarden comes with an 8mm hole to allow fixing to the wall (full instructions are included in the MiniGarden kit).

Ideally the MiniGarden should be fixed to either wood or steel battons. The battons lie  between the wall and the minigarden. Fixing the MiniGarden with a batton allows air flow around the wall therefore avoiding humidity (the wall can breathe).

minigarden construction

 planted minigarden

For detailed measurements and construction please refer to drawings below.

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minigarden measurements

measure minigarden

Planter Tier: height 21cm, width 64.7cm, depth 19.1cm. (3 planter holes per tier)

Base Tray measures: height 3cm, width 64.7cm, depth 19.1cm.