Multi Hang Vertical Garden

$70.00 AUD

Multihang is a simpler way to grow plants on the wall. It has been designed to easily slide onto a variety of wall surfaces such as lattice, wire mesh or reo-bars. The pot holds a decent size of potting mix creating a good growing environment for most plants.

Multi-hang allows for more potting mix than most other vertical garden systems. Why is this good? The plant has room to grow and will not dry out as quickly as the smaller wall pots.

200mm wide, 250 mm depth, 200 length

Comes in Box of 10

Frame / backing system shown in images is not supplied. Please purchase separately from any home hardware.

The wire system shown is a wire mesh panel 600mm x 900 mm purchased from Bunnings for $15.48. The squares are 50 x 50mm.