Small Square Pebblecube Planters

Pebblecubes planters can be used in the garden, including use as a water feature. Plants can either be planted directly into the Pebblecube planter or a potted plant can be inserted into the recess.

Pebblecube Planters are hand made in Wales, UK. The planters are made from quality weather resistant galvanised steel and the stones are ethically sourced (from a managed quarry).

Indoors Pebblecube planters should be placed on a plate or similar to contain excess waterflow when watering plants.

Width 16cm x Depth 16cm x Height 9cm
recess dia9.5cm for 1 litre pot


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 Hi there. Just received my last order - the round pebble cubes. Love them. Any chance you can get any larger versions?  02/7/11  London  UK


Yes we certainly can! You can order any size. Please contact to discuss your bespoke pebblecube

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